Wednesday, August 20, 2008

World Community Grid

So for the last year I have been a part of a project called the World Community Grid. This project operates by using unused computing power to run programs that search for cures for diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer, MS, and hemorrhagic fever. Unlike past programs, such as the SETI client, the WCG actually does a great job at regulating its use of your computer so that it does not 1) run your computer so hot that you have to worry, 2) interfere with normal computer use since it constantly monitors what you are doing and only uses unused computing power, and 3) is really working towards great and useful causes. I highly recommend checking it out. In addition, it has lots of team competitions so if you want to join my team (we are the Elips Team) click on the link above. If you have questions about the WCG, post them in the comment section. 

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